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About  Katie


Katie Downey is a costume designer, maker and competitive cosplayer based in South Wales, with a wealth of experience between film and theatre. She defines herself on Instagram as both a creator and all-round problem solver, specializing in on-the-spot fixes. A lifelong fan of musical theatre and tabletop role-playing games, Katie loves to explore a heightened sense of reality through collaborative idea generation and re-interpretation of texts with hope of sharing that sense of wonder with future audiences. 


A decade of experience in the world of cosplay has afforded Katie a wide array of construction skills; from intricate embellishment to mixing near-realistic prop ice-cream to styling cartoonishly-exaggerated wigs. Her competitive efforts have grown from strength to strength, as she now pursues an opportunity to represent the UK on the global stage with her craftsmanship and stage design skills. 


As a neurodivergent woman of a working class background, Katie plans to contribute to a diverse and inclusive workspace. She has been tenacious in securing her place in live theatre and would love to be a part of making the industry more accessible to all backgrounds. 

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