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September 2018

Appearances and Awards:

Best Craftsmanship - Showmasters Film and Comic Con, Cardiff

A recreation of the Disney Princess and my first serious attempt at competitive cosplay, my Merida project became an effort to achieve as 'screen-accurate' a build as possible. ​

In my research, I discovered that Pixar were eager to show off both their new lighting and hair development technology. The dynamic lighting renders the dress an inconsistent color throughout the film, so a series of dye experiments were undertaken to get it just right. Due to a lack of resources, this was dyed at home in the bath. 

Likewise, getting the scale of the wig was crucial for the iconic silhouette. With techniques learnt from advanced level cosplayers as well as drag wig-making, the wig consists of the wefts of 3 separate wigs combined - I have since learnt this could have been achieved with backcombing. Each curl was set individually with heat tools, a slow process that I again have learnt to do much more efficiently at present. 

While judges’ feedback here criticized the on-stage performance, this costume scored a perfect 30 in craftsmanship category based on the number of techniques used and their quality of finishes.

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