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Ochako Uraraka 
(My Hero Academia)

March 2019

Appearances and Awards:

Best in Show - Showmasters Film and Comic Con, Cardiff

Interpreting this design was a challenge in itself. This alternate costume for the character appears in a brief fantasy-themed ending title sequences in which there is no back view. My build is a combination of the source material as well as additional artwork from the merchandise that features some variations in the details. 

Ochako marks my first self-patterned cosplay; the shirt dress has a functioning button stand, gathered skirt and two pockets. Oversized buttonholes in the sleeves function as eyelets to feed belts through and lace trim was dyed in the garden shed.


The hood pattern was extended from a previous project, then digitised and mirrored with the Gerber suite of CAD software. Both the point and the brim of the hood are posable thanks to the hidden channels of wire; a particular favourite of photographers that note how tricky hoods are to light. 

This project also gave me an opportunity to explore prop-making. The staff base is made of a painted hollow Christmas ornament, foam scraps and a wooden dowel. The organic wood texture is made up twisted coils of newspaper with tissue paper for finer details of grain. Resin from the wood glue makes the prop hardy, sendable and waterproof. Further details of grain were achieved by dry brushing multiple colours for a sense of depth. 

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