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Phillip Pullman's Grim Tales

Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama

December 2021

Directed by: Jac Ifan Moore

Costume and Sets Designed by: Lucy Ruff

Lighting Designed by: Rae Atkin

Stage Photography by: Jorge | studiocano

My role here involved drafting the pattern for the Thousandfurs cloak, an oversized coat made of a patchwork of furs sourced from a number of offcuts and scrap fabrics. The ears are constructed with 2mm craft foam and wire to be posable, a technique often used in cosplay.. It even has pockets! Assembling the panels of fur became a team effort.  


Additionally I was responsible for patterning and fitting a series of quick change dresses that fastened with magnets at the centre front for a whimsical transformation on stage. Each has an overlay; a dupion with a rhinestone organza (gold), a combination of lurex fabrics (silver) and another dupion with a sequin tulle (blue). Once fitted, the making of the three dresses were also shared amongst the team.

'Thousandsfurs'  Cloak Development

'Thousandsfurs'  Gown Development

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