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Moon Licks

Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama

May 2022

Directed by Sean Linnen

Costumes Design by Layla Zheng

Sets Design by Jay Olvera

Lighting Design by Grace Priest

Stage Photography by Kirsten McTernan

Despite the New ‘22 production season having tighter budgets and deadlines I was able to deliver a set of high-fashion inspired costumes, whilst still overcoming my own sensory issues. 

Using my pattern specialist skills, I created a pair of dual toned chaps through a combination of garment teaching, flat drafting and slash-and-spread methods of patterning. I also drafted and sewed a men's jacket that evolved in design throughout development. With my wide knowledge of fabric types, as well as the unconventional materials and techniques used in cosplay I was able to advise on niche construction details. 

'Shark' Costume Development

'Spider' Costume Development

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