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April 2021

Conceptual Opera Design Project

Directed by: Hannah Noone

For the opera Rusalka, I wanted to explore the cathartic power of fairytales as a metaphor and their ability to navigate the human experience through speculative fiction. In this instance, I opted to set ‘Rusalka’ in an underground robotics lab with the titular lead as an android; brought to see a world consumed by the humans’ surface-level appreciation of the natural resources around them. Her personal growth is challenged by her inventor father Vodník, and the morally neutral witch-cum-engineer Ježibaba, as she discovers whether love is what separates man from machine. Also included are some suggested renders for some potential set designs.


Given the opportunity to develop this into a realised project, I would like to explore the possibilities of casting roles across voice types. For instance, I believe casting a contralto singer as the Prince may give the story a fresh twist as a queer romance.

Set Design Concepts

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