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Sunday in the Park with George

Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama

In Collaboration with Sherman Theatre

June 2022

Directed by: Sarah Tipple

Costume Designed by: Celia Favorite

Sets Designed by: Meggie Settle

Lighting Designed by: Mattia Giubasso

For 'Sunday', I was tasked with creating two 'trick' costumes for the character of Dot.


The first trick, involved a removable free-standing bustle (left video) to represent the character's out-of-body experience. While initial thoughts involved a wooden frame with castors to make the garment move as convincingly as possible, a group effort between the design team, the movement co-ordinator and the actor helped develop the garment throughout the production process. The finalised version, dubbed 'Kevin', was a padded structure from a combination of layers of cardboard, wadding and steel boning to form the legs. This was strategically disguised with the separate drapery of the period skirt. 

On a much smaller scale, I was also responsible for the 'pregnancy reveal' skirt (right video). For this, I opted to attach the bustle to the skirt's waistband so that the actor could pivot it around their body. To stop this from happening during the rest of the performance, a hidden hook and eye would anchor it to the corset beneath.  


With the design already restricted by the need to replicate the existing garments in George Seurat's paintings, I enjoyed the challenge of making novelty costumes in tight parameters and look forward to doing more in future. 

Dot's Detachable Bustle

Dot's Pregnancy Reveal Skirt

'Dot' Trick Skirts Development

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