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Top Girls

Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama

October 2022

Directed by Patricia Logue

Costume Design by Katie Downey

Sets Design by Olivia Gough

Lighting Design by Sophie Erin Moore

Stage Photography by Kirsten McTernan

My first realised design project had many challenges including accurately depicting historical fashions of multiple time periods, remote collaboration, and a departure from my design specialty. 

Communication and research were both top priority to maintain the story and aesthetics of the play that covers a range of eras and cultures including the Kamakura Era of Japan, the Papal robes of 9th century Catholic Church, and the early years of Thatcher’s Britain. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to design a show, and adopt a new found flexible working approach which I look forward to continuing to develop upon in future shows. 

Costume Design and Research

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